Introduction to Tom Evans and Digital Asset Management (DAM)

My name is Tom Evans and I impose order on collections of digital images.

In a nutshell, that’s what Digital Asset Management is. The discipline of ordering one’s digital assets (image files in my case) and enabling people to store and distribute them. Easily.

Wow, that looks boring in print. Doesn’t it?

Well frankly it is a pretty dry subject apart from the material one is called upon to work with in this trade. The results however can be exciting. Particularly if you have had experience in trying to locate images you need and need fast. This can involve sorting through recycling bins full of jewel cases below a desk, or combing through directories on a server reading the ubiquitous filenames generated by various digital cameras and scanners. Very frustrating, time consuming and EXPENSIVE.

What I hope to accomplish in this blog is to relate my experiences in the field to you and present advice and techniques which will hopefully save you grief in your adventures with Digital Asset Management. Perhaps I’ll not capitalize the term digital asset management. There, it’s less daunting already!

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